Robyn Driscoll

Robyn has been elected to four terms in the Montana legislature, by ever-increasing majorities of her friends and neighbors in House District 51.  She lives in the district she represents.  She knows and understands the values and concerns of her constituents because she is one of them.  She has worked hard to learn the legislative processes in Helena and has made herself a powerhouse, effective in getting things done.  She is recognized as a reliable and effective leader by her fellow legislators across the State of Montana.

Robyn decided to run for the Senate seat in the 26th District, of which House District 51 is half, she hopes to be able to build on the lessons she has learned to continue to benefit the friends and neighbors who are her constituents and who have come to rely on her as a strong voice on their behalf.  Robyn has developed a knowhow.  She has built relationships with the people in Helena and across the State.  She has earned an institutional memory and the respect and admiration of the other people with whom she has worked.  She has made the voters of House District 51 proud and hopes to continue to do the same for the whole of Senate District 26.

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