One of Robyn’s proudest moments in her legislative service was receiving an award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars for her commitment to Montana’s veterans. “We must always support those who have sacrificed so much for us.” INSERT PLAQUE AWARD PHOTO Upon completion of her first term in the legislature, she was chosen to attend the Western Legislative Academy in Colorado Springs where the focus was working with others to get things done. Legislators, both Democrat and Republican, from the western part of the United States, spent four days learning skills to benefit them and their constituents when working in their state capitals. INSERT ACADEMY PHOTO Robyn has served on the Energy Committee for all four terms. Between the 2009 and 2011 sessions, she was selected to complete an Energy Policy Certificate Program through the University of Idaho. She spent long days and into the nights learning every aspect of energy from fossil fuels through renewables. Robyn was awarded her certificate in April of 2010. INSERT CERTIFICATE PHOTO